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Heritage Trail

Here is a list of attractions well worth visiting around the island. These can all be accessed by foot, car or bike.

  • Alexandra Hospital (Queen’s House) +

    Once housed the Governor and visiting Royalty.

  • Baobab Tree and Montravers Estate (18th C.) +

    Dates to around 1859 and defines the entrance to Montravers Estate.

  • Bath Hotel and Bath House (c. 1778) +

    Bath Hotel and Bath House (c. 1778)

    This hotel is one of the oldest in the Caribbean

  • Charlestown Methodist Church +

    Built by freed Blacks following Emancipation in 1834.

  • Cottle Church (c.1824) +

    This was the first church in the Caribbean built for all people, regardless of colour to worship together.

  • Eden Brown Estate +

    Location of a well known local ghost story about lost love.

  • Fort Ashby-Jamestown (c 17th C.) +

    Site of Jamestown, Nevis’s earliest settlement that was destroyed by a tidal wave in 1680.

  • Fort Charles (c. 1628) +

    The largest fort on Nevis, it protected Charlestown

  • Gingerland Methodist Church (c. 1801) +

    An unusual cut stone building in an octagonal shape.

  • Golden Rock Estate (c.1801) +

    Some of the most beautiful stone building and gardens on Nevis.

  • Hamilton Estate +

    One of the most complete plantation factories in the Caribbean.

  • Hermitage Estate (c.1640) +

    Believed to have the oldest existing wooden house in Caribbean.

  • Montpelier Estate +

    Site of Horatio Nelson and Fanny Nisbit’s wedding in 1787.

  • Nelson’s Spring +

    Place where British Naval hero Horatio Nelson collected water for his ships.

  • Nevis Slave Market (c. 1670s) +

    On this site newly arrived slaves were sold to plantation owners from various islands.

  • New River - Coconut Walk Estates +

    Site of largest sugar mills on Nevis and Arawak archaeological sites.

  • Nisbet Plantation +

    Once home of Frances “Fanny” Nisbet who married Horatio Nelson in 1787.

  • Old Manor Estate Hotel +

    An attractive site enhanced by remains of the Great House and Estate Buildings.

  • Saddle Hill Fortress (c.1740’s) +

    “Nelson’s Lookout” The best preserved fortress on Nevis.

  • St. George’s Anglican Church (c.1842) +

    Site of many historic graves and imported head stones.

  • St. James Anglican Church (c.1750) +

    One of only three churches in the Caribbean to have a black crucifix

  • St. John’s Figtree Anglican Church (c.1680) +

    Site of the recording of Horatio Nelson and Fanny Nisbit’s marriage

  • St. Paul’s Anglican Church and School (c.1689) +

    Site became center of education of former slaves.

  • St. Thomas Anglican Church and School C. 1643 +

    The oldest active Protestant church in the Caribbean.

  • The Jewish Cemetery (c. 1670) +

    The Jewish Cemetery (c. 1670)

    A thriving Jewish community made up 25% of the population of Charlestown in the 1720’s; a synagogue was located nearby. 

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