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New River & Coconut Walk Estates

The remnants of these two estates, located on the island’s east coast, slope out to the sea overlooking Montserrat and Redonda.

They can easily be visited together and are about a 25-minute drive from Charlestown, or eight minutes past Golden Rock Plantation Inn.

Just off the main road are the ruins of New River, which can be recognized by its tall tower and squat building that houses the old steam engine. Originally powered by animal mill, the sugar plantation was eventually converted to steam, which remained in operation until 1958—the last one on the island.

Walking through the estate, which was originally 582 acres, the ruins of the old Great House can be seen, as well as the cistern.

Continuing down towards the sea from New River, you can follow the goat trail to Coconut Walk, which was named for the luxuriant coconut trees that once lines its borders. It was once densely cultivated with sugarcane, but like other Estates, it owners had to change its crop due to the deterioration in sugar price.

Significant pieces of pottery have revealed that this was an early Arawak Indian settlement. Among the ruins is the tallest windmill in Nevis and a stone limekiln.

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