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Nevis has always been a place where the ecology is considered important. From the days of an agricultural based economy until now as an island highly focused on tourism the ecology is still embraced and protected. Hence the reason why all beaches are public and construction is forbidden beyond one thousand feet above sea level. There is then much of the natural beauty of the island to be embraced and enjoyed.

The Coastline

There are many different coloured sands and rocks of all sizes along the island’s coastline. It’s an excellent playground for beachcombers and lovers of beach walks.

The Rain Forests

The Rain Forests and foothills are filled with trails for hikers, ramblers and mountain bikers to explore. The thick jungles are full of fascinating plants and trees as well as stunning views. Wildlife is all around including donkeys, goats, monkeys and tropical birds.

The Hot Springs

Nevis is blessed with an abundance of geothermal energy and for centuries visitors to the island have enjoyed the hot springs at Bath Village. You can still enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the springs today. Nearby is the site of Bath Hotel, the first luxury hotel in the West Indies built in 1778.

The Nevis Turtle Group

A group of volunteers work at night on the beaches tagging sea turtles and collecting information about their nesting and movement. Why not join them one evening and help? Additional information is collected by the Nevis Turtle Group on morning surveys and they also give presentations to local schools.


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