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Remember these rules:

• Drive on the LEFT.

• Don't park within 15 feet of corners and curves.

• Don't park where there are yellow lines. 

• Look out for one-way streets.

• Heed stop signs.

• Take your time, and watch out for other traffic on the roads (including donkeys, sheep, goats, and people). Drivers tend to stop often to pick up and drop off passengers, or just to chat. Be patient and enjoy the local customs.

Taxi stands are located at the Newcastle Airport and Charlestown, or you can make arrangements at your hotel.

Newcastle Taxi Stand 869-469-9790
Charlestown Taxi Stand 869-469-5631/5515

Public buses
Privately owned mini-busses, the island's version of public transportation, run around the island day and in the evenings (though evening runs are less frequent) on the main road. They have names like "Dem Say," "No Problem," and "Zion Train." To catch a bus stand on the side of the road in the direction you are going and flag one down. Fares run between $1 and $4 EC, depending on how far you're going. 

Car Rentals
Jeeps, sedans, and mini-vans are available for rental on the island. To rent a car or scooter, it's necessary to obtain a driver's license from any of the island police departments (Charlestown, Newcastle, Cotton Ground or Gingerland). Cost is $24 US for a three-month license. A valid driver's license from home is needed.

Car Rental Companies

1st Choice Car Rental

469-1131 or 662-8792, email:


Charlestown - 469-5367/1439

M&M Rental

Newcastle - 663-2013/469-9798

Nevis Car Rental

Newcastle - 469-9837


Farm Estate - 469-5199


Pinney's Industrial Site - 469-5917


Hermitage - 469-2654


Charlestown - 469-5430


Charlestown - 469-1140

Bicycle/Scooter Rental

Meadville Bike Rental

Craddock Rd - 469-5235

Mountain Bike Rentals

Oualie Beach - 469-9682

3KB Scooter rental

Charlestown -
1-869-663-8357 or 1-869-765-7701

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